Most of us have some form of experience of planning an event. This could be a family members birthday party, a surprise party or a family get together, for example. However, when it comes to large event planning, there is a lot more to consider.

In this blog post we break down the components of a large event to create a large event planning guide. This way you can see everything that is involved when planning a larger event. It’s important to remember that the team here at Elite Events ECL can help with the whole event, organising and planning it all on your behalf. Alternatively, we can plan the bits you don’t have the time or experience to do.

So, how can you plan a large event?

Event Timeline – Take the time to plan out a timeline for your event. This needs to include the pre-event planning, the actual event and post-event activities too.

Event Budget – You need to create a budget for your event and consider where the budget will be spent. This will help with future event planning decisions such as venue, marketing and more.

Event Venue – Think about where the venue is along with accommodation. How will people get there and where will they stay? Does the venue offer food and drink?

Event Marketing – If you are inviting guests or selling tickets, you need to think about the marketing of the event. Will this be through printed materials, social media or your website? Don’t forget to advertise the event too.

Event Speakers / Entertainment – Will you have entertainment or speakers at the event? What do your attendees want to see or hear? How much of the event will be speakers and entertainment? What budget do you have for them?

Event Stage – Is a stage needed for your large event? Is this supplied by the venue or entertainers? Where can you get a stage? Does this include music and lighting too? What lighting and sound is needed for the event?

Attendees – Who is coming to the event and are they paying to attend? How do you want them to feel on arriving at the event? Is there a follow up communication after the event? How will you keep in contact with them in the run up to the event.

These things that need to be considered when planning a large event are in addition to all the normal small event planning things. Things like photographers, catering, invitations and more. If you need help planning a small or larger event, then call our professional event planners. We can plan as much or as little as you would like.