Here at Elite Events ECL our wedding planners have helped to arrange plan and offered on the day support for a wide range of weddings. What we love most about weddings is that they are personal to the couple marrying. This comes into play with the theme, colours, location and more. With celebrants becoming more and more popular, outdoor weddings in the UK are more popular than they have ever been before. You can literally get married anywhere – with as many or as few people in attendance as you choose. Is there a local park or woodland that you love? Maybe a family member has a stunning garden you can use?

If you and your partner love fresh air, space and nature then maybe an outdoor wedding in the UK could be perfect for you?

The most important thing when planning to have an outdoor wedding in the UK is organisation. You need to make sure everything is organised in advance. Know who is responsible for each part of the wedding. This will enable you to enjoy your big day instead of worrying or stressing. Our On The Day Planner service is ideal for occasions like this. We can make sure we have everything organised, or make sure the people you have chosen have what they need. There is no need to worry, and we will be looking after everything for you. We will be ensuring that everything runs smoothly on your behalf.

There will be friends, family and guests that will make offers of help and support. Take advantage of their generous gesture. If you’re concerned about their unreliability just let us know and we can support them for you. It could be collecting glasses from a local supplier, dressing the tables or making the wedding cake for example. People will be happy to help, and you’ll be glad of the help too.

One of the best things about an outdoor wedding is that most of the wedding décor is done for you. Make the most of the natural landscape and colours available to you. You will have chosen a beautiful space, so use that to your advantage. You can add to the beauty with fairy lights for example but try not take the limelight away from the natural beauty of the outdoor space.

If you are having a garden wedding or an outdoor wedding in a park space or woodland, think about electricity. You will need power for lights as the sun goes down. Music or DJs will also need some power. If you are relying on the wedding entertainment to bring their own power – make sure they are aware of this.

Need help planning your outdoor wedding in the UK? Call our wedding planners now. We will be happy to offer support in some or all of the areas of your outdoor wedding day.