If you have a construction project taking place or starting soon, you need a CDM consultant. This is a professional that can help you with the navigating of the design, management and construction of the project. It’s an expert that you can turn to for advice and guidance. They will ensure that everyone involved in your project is adhering to all the necessary legal and safety standards.

The role of a CDM consultant is very varied and they cover lots of specialities. This is why you need a CDM consultant for your project to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. The role of a CDM consultant includes tackling tasks as well as assessing the competence of principal designers and contractors. They can also review crucial pre-construction information too.

One of the key roles of a CDM Consultant is to align the framework of the project with the health and safety regulations. This is done from the outset of the project. It is an instrumental part of the project to ensure that it is a safe and compliant environment for everyone.

Within all construction projects there are a selection of duty holders. These include professionals like Principal Contractors and Principal Designers. They are the people that bear the responsibility for a project’s compliance. It is possible that these duty holders can manage without a CDM consultant but the guidance of a CDM consultant can give them the advice and guidance they need. This will help to ensure that all CDM requirements and responsibilities are met efficiently.

If you would like to avoid compliance pitfalls and ensure the smoother evacuation and completion of your construction project, why not talk to us.  Our Project Managers are all CDM trained but are not CDM Co-ordinators, we do though work closely with a CDM Company who will be able to uphold the highest standards of health and safety, to ensure the smooth running of your project, with as little stress as possible.

It is recommended you engage with CDM consultants as early on in the project as possible. This will ensure that robust CDM foundations can be put in place during the planning stage. In turn, this will lay the groundwork for the success and smooth running of the project in an effective and safe manner.