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Here at Elite Events we have extensive experience in community event planning. We have helped with community event planning in the run up to events, from the very early community event planning stages and community event management on the day.

As a community event planning business we pride ourselves on providing and building successful community events. We will not only help plan a community event that leaves a lasting impression and builds community spirit, but one that involves the local community not only in the planning but also on the day itself.

The Elite Events community event planning team strongly believe in giving back, and that, along with community, is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it is working with local community groups or charities to plan community events. We will make every effort to support the local community in every way we can.

When planning a community event you need to think about the sort of event you want to hold. You need to consider the size and scale of the community event. You also want to be clear on the reason you are planning a community event.

Is the community event taking place to raise money for a good cause or charity, to bring the community together, to encourage a particular activity or sport, or something else?

When community event planning, you need to think about who you want to come to the event as well as the event itself. Will you be inviting a special guest to open the event? Will you invite local schools? How about local businesses and community groups?

You need to consider catering when community event planning too. Will food be provided and who will be paying for it? How much food will you require and can you bring in your own catering for the venue where the community event is taking place?

Another thing you need to consider is charges. Will the community event be free to attend or will you be charging? In which case can people get tickets in advance for a lower price, then a higher price at the door?

These are just some of the many things you need to consider when community event planning. However, if you speak to the team here at Elite Events we can take the stress and worry away from your community events. We can offer community event management to do all the community event planning for you, or we can go through the community event planning with you, one step at a time, to make sure nothing is missed.

Many charities and communities rely heavily on funding through community events. If this is you then please speak to our community events planning team directly. Good planning is vital to the success of a community event and we would be happy to help you plan yours.

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