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While online events and virtual events used to be a second-best option for many personal and business events, they are now a great alternative when in-person events are not possible. The world faces unprecedented challenges at present, but here at Elite Events ECL we wonder if virtual events could be something that stays for the future due to the benefits.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to virtual events. Many people think it may actually be easier to organise and run an online event, but this isn’t the case. While you may lose some parts of the event planning, such as seating plans, venues and décor – other challenges will replace these.

This is why we offer personal virtual event management and corporate virtual event planning services.

We can help you choose the right virtual event for your needs. Perhaps you want a family get-together, to celebrate a big birthday or to mark a postponed-wedding date? Maybe you don’t want your team to miss out on an office Christmas party, you want to celebrate a business birthday, run a business exhibition or promote a new service offering. We can help plan the perfect virtual event to achieve the outcomes you desire.

There is one huge benefit of virtual business events that is often forgotten. When it comes to physical business events it can be hard for attendees to take in all the messages from the keynote speakers and visit all the sponsors. However, this could not be easier for virtual events. We can work with you to pre-record parts of the virtual business event. This can be used on the day of the event, but also be sent to attendees after the event so they can go over any bits they missed, in their own time.

At the heart of any successful virtual event is the content. When attendees are logging in remotely to your personal virtual event or commercial online event you need to gain their attention and keep them engaged. This is what the team here at Elite Events ECL will help you with.

We have a wide range of virtual events and online event ideas we can help you with. From cocktail masterclasses, online award ceremonies, drag bingo, famous online magicians, Indian cookery classes, origami workshops and commitment ceremonies – we can help you with whatever event you desire.

Considering planning a virtual event? Call our team now. We will let you know what is involved and everything you need to consider. Then you can decide if you’d like to try and plan a virtual event yourself or outsource the virtual event management to us. One option will definitely leave you feeling stress-free after a successful and enjoyable online event.

Call our virtual events team now to find out more.

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