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Here at Elite Events ECL we do everything needed for your event, so all you do is turn up and look fabulous. In fact we are so passionate about it, that this is our strap line; “all you need to do is turn up and LOOK fabulous”  or in the case of business events “turn up and BE fabulous”.

You might be a business owner running a training event or seminar? Perhaps you are a charity needing to raise essential funds with a charity ball? Maybe you are planning your wedding or a family birthday party? Perhaps you have a huge business exhibition to plan but no time to organise it all?

Whatever your event planning and organising needs, we can take all the stress away for you – leaving you just to turn up and look fabulous!

Take a look through our website to see the sorts of events we have been involved in and how we can help you with your next event, whether that is planning the event from scratch, sourcing special things for the event, or just being there on the day.

Who Is Elite Events ECL?

My name is Helen Rome and I am the owner and founder of Elite ECL. I was volunteering for a charity in Peterborough for 12 years as their event manager. I managed this alongside a full time job. We created some phenomenal events, balls and fundraisers for this charity, raising thousands of pounds and essential awareness too. I found that event planning came naturally to me. I loved planning and organising events in Peterborough and just got so much excitement from it. So, I decided to set up my own business and Elite ECL was born.

In my earlier career days I was a high-level PA. I have always been a hands-on person and a ‘do-er’. I have a huge amount of attention to detail and loved organising successful work Christmas parties, client entertainment and team building days. Some people say I have a control freak nature, but this is because I know what a great event looks like and want to achieve a great event for every event I am part of.

I have been managing events for over 25 years. There was no moment when I thought ‘event planning is for me’. I think it has always been there. Like my hidden super hero talent, bubbling up and just waiting to come out. I absolutely adore being an event planner because I get to turn the dreams of my client into a reality.

As an event planner I know how quickly ‘exciting things’ can take over. As I work with clients we talk about budgets for the event, why they want certain things to happen and the desired outcome of the event. I then work with their dreams, their budget and their desired outcomes to create an event that is, well, simply elite!

My biggest tip when it comes to planning the perfect event is to think about how you want people to feel in the room and what you want their experience to be.  Let’s have a chat about your next event so we can think about what experience you want those attending to have.

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