An Environmental Impact Assessment is designed to safeguard the environment. It is also known as an EIA for short. The assessment provides the local authorities with a detailed evaluation of a project. This is for any projects that are likely to have a major impact on the environment.

When you have an Environmental Impact Assessment in place it will enable planning authorities to be fully aware of the broader environmental picture. They can then use this when they decide if planning permission should be granted or not. Local community members are also alerted of any environmental impacts early on too. In turn, this means that the local community can play a full and informed role in the decision-making process.

If your development project is covered by Schedule 1 to the 2011 EIA regulations, an Environmental Impact Assessment will be required. These projects tend to be large-scale developments of schemes that have the highest level of potential environmental impact. This includes things like airports, motorways and oil refineries for example.

However, if your development project is covered by Schedule 2 to the 2011 EIA regulations it MAY mean that your development requires assessment. This means that it is more dependent on the size, activity, and location of the project. This will then confirm the potential and significant factors that this type of project may have on the environment. Schedule 2 developments tend to be things like sports stadia, golf courses, wind turbines, large housing schemes and business parks for example.

If you are unsure if your development project requires an EIA, you can contact your local council. On request, they can give you a formal screening option. This will then confirm if your development project requires an EIA or not. A developer can also ask for a ‘scoping opinion’ if an EIA is required. This will specify the issues that must be included within the Environmental Impact Assessment.

These are all things that our project management team can help with. We have a lot of experience in project management for development projects where EIAs are required. Our team can manage the whole process for you or offer support as and when required.

If you think you need an environmental impact assessment, also known as an EIA, for your project – contact the project management team at Elite Events ECL now.