Whether you have a green space that is special to you, your family have a garden space, or you have fallen in love with an outdoor space near you – you may be considering a marquee wedding? You might opt for a marquee wedding at home, or a marquee wedding in another special place – but how you plan a marquee wedding will have some of the same specification. This is what we look at in this blog post.

There are a lot of logistical planning considerations that need to be thought about when you plan a marquee wedding. However, whether you opt for a marquee, a yurt or even a tipi for your wedding – you can make it perfect for your special day. A marquee wedding doesn’t need to be small or basic. It can be as extravagant or rustic as you want. You could have stunning dining spaces, chill out zones, photo backdrops and flower walls, chandeliers, or fairy lights. Your marquee is your blank canvas to create your wedding theme.

The most important thing to think about when you plan a marquee wedding at home is the marquee company. You want to choose a trusted company that know what they are doing. Here at Elite Events ECL we have people that we recommend as marquee suppliers. They will help you create the perfect wedding backdrop, and this is something that we can help with the planning and setting-up for too.

You’ll need to find out how long the build and set up will take too. Again, as your wedding organisers, this is something we can manage for you. Once you know the set-up time, you (or our wedding planners) can then arrange with other suppliers for arrival and set up times. It’s important you give yourself and your suppliers time to set up and decorate so it looks exactly how you want it to.

Take the time to think about electricity, water, power and toilets too. Will you have enough toilets for guests? How will the DJ, lighting and other music be powered? Does the bar area need access to water? These are all things an event planner or the marquee company can help with. They have lots of experience planning outdoor weddings and events and will want to help make your wedding day a magical success.

There will be other things to consider too, that you may not have to consider if you have a wedding at a venue. For example, where will things be stored? Where can suppliers get ready, set up or relax behind the scenes? Is there enough parking for your guests? If you are arriving in a wedding car, have you reserved a space for this?

If you are considering a marquee wedding for your special day, drop us a line. We can have a brainstorming session with you to go through everything that needs thinking about and planning. Our wedding planners can then take some of the things from your to-do list, or all of them, if you want!