Marriott Hotels UK has recently launched their latest campaign which is known as ‘Memories Made at Marriott’. This is a first for the large and innovative hotel chain, but it is a concept that leads the social events industry.

Marriott have decided that they no longer want to just host events; instead they want to make memories.

We were thrilled to be approached by Marriott Hotels in Peterborough to be the company that makes their memories happen.

The idea is that people can now go to Marriott and ask for a room to hold a birthday party, for example. Instead of this person now being left to shop around for everything they need, they are put in touch with a ‘memory maker’.

That Memory Maker for Peterborough Marriott Hotel is Elite Events!

We believe that all of our milestones in life are occasions that should be celebrated. Sometimes these celebrations are missed because our friends and loved ones are too busy to get something wonderful organised.

But now this worry is taken away. Whether you need a room for 10 people or 300 people we can help you create the memory you dream of. We can help with flower walls, table plans, table settings, red carpets, balloons, chocolate fountains, DJs, lit up dance floors, photo booths, live music and more!

As your memory makers we will design an event tailored specifically to you and your celebration. Our job as event planners is to bring your unique vision to life. All you have to do is turn up and look fabulous – we will do everything else!

No longer is the Marriott just a venue; it now offers dedicated Memory Makers as your personal event planners. Your special occasion is safe in our hands and we can get the perfect themed event to suit your budget and requirements.

If you are considering having an event at Marriott Hotels please contact us directly. We would be happy to show you what we can create and you can benefit from our preferential rates with close business contacts too!