Here at Elite Events ECL we love event planning in Peterborough. It really is a case of no event being too big or too small. We have now completed 2 pride event projects in Peterborough. One of these was a business event promoting, supporting and fundraising for pride in Peterborough. The second, was the filming for an online pride event, due to the lockdown rules.

The first event was known as Drag Networking. The event took place at The Marriott Hotel in Peterborough. We sourced and decorated the room with Teddi the Drag Queen, bucks’ fizz was supplied on arrival and we set out the room for breakfast, performances and games. The event was a huge success and we were thrilled when Teddi asked us back to support her with an Online Pride Event.

Prior to the online pride event I attended all preparation meetings with Teddi and her team. I was also part of the initial discussions and ideas, helping Teddi plan costumes and costume changes for the big event. The venues and contractors were sourced through Teddi’s personal connections and my own connections too. I also attended the venue walkthroughs and the discussions around these too. The final part of preparation was the schedule of works so everyone knew how the day would run. I completed these for Teddi and her team.

As an event planning company in Peterborough, we also offer an On the Day Planning service. This service is extremely popular as it means people can relax on the day and know that everything is being taken care of. a

When it comes to On the Day Planning for business events, I will set up the room on the day, organise beverages and the arrival times of lunch, as well as welcoming attendees and signing them in – as an example, but of course there is much more to ensure your day is successful.

Brides and Grooms welcome my On the Day Planning service for weddings too. It means that the venue is set up how they want for their special day. I can collect gifts to be handed out during speeches, organise guests for photos, time check for parts of the day and so on.

For the Online Peterborough Pride Event it was part of my role to dress the room and spaces, gather the refreshments for the day. I was a timekeeper for the day to ensure we ran to schedule. Part of my role was to assist the Teddi the Drag Queen with hair, costume, shoes and tech.

If you need an On the Day Planner for your next event, need helping to plan your online event or support with your pride event; call Elite Events ECL. All you need to do is turn up and look fabulous; we will do the rest!