Each year your company becomes another year older. This means that your company is surviving and even thriving. In the current economic climate, that is definitely something worth celebrating. So why not plan to have a company anniversary event in 2024 to celebrate the amazing achievement of your business?

Throwing a company anniversary event in 2024 is a great way to bring employees together. It gives you a chance to reflect on everything that has been achieved. A company anniversary event for employees is a powerful thing. It inspires employees and shows them their employer is serious about the success of the business and the employees’ role in that success.

The first thing you need to do when you plan your company anniversary event is think about when you will have it. Will you have it on the date the business began, when you got your first paying customer or a weekend near that date?

You need to think about the venue when you plan your 2024 company anniversary event too. Will it be a gala type of event in which case you may want a local hotel? Perhaps you would prefer something more informal like drinks at the local pub? If you want something more casual, then maybe a night out bowling, crazy golf or horse racing. Think about what you want to achieve from your event and then base the venue on that.

How do you want the venue to look? Do you want a red carpet for attendees or a welcome board? Perhaps you would rather people feel relaxed, or maybe you would prefer something a bit more special? Think about how you want attendees to feel as they step through the door of the event. Now consider how you can achieve that.

Finally, you need to make sure everyone is invited. Will you be inviting the team? What about the extended team of office cleaner and maintenance staff? Will suppliers be invited? How about potential customers as well as existing customers? Think about what you want to achieve from the company anniversary. This will help you decide who to invite.

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