Every concert should be different. Afterall, each concert will attract different people and therefore will need to be planned in a different way. However, there are some principles that are required to plan a great concert, regardless of the target audience. You should keep these things in mind when organising your concert to ensure that you are planning a great concert.

Below we share some of things that you need to remember when you plan a great concert. It doesn’t matter if it’s huge rock concert, a religious gathering and music or a classic recital. The key things that you need to keep in mind are listed below and will help you to plan a great concert.

Remember: if you need any help with the sourcing of venues, suppliers or artists, we are here to help. We also have many years of experience in event planning so we can help you from the beginning, on the concert planning journey or be an extra pair of hands to ensure the concert runs smoothly on the big day!

  • Concert Location

The location you choose can make or break the concert. You need to consider the attendees to the concert, but also those surrounding the concert. Think about how guests will get to your concert and where they will stay. Are there public transport links nearby or parking available? Will the attendees camp on site, stay locally or travel home on the same day? These things all need to be considered when choosing the ideal location for your concert.

  • Budget

While it’s okay to guesstimate prices at the very beginning, these need to be changed into actual and real costs as soon as possible. This will help ensure that you know how much the event costs. When speaking to performers, suppliers and other contacts make sure you get the quotes along with the terms and cancellations in writing. By knowing how much the concert will cost you to put on, you can budget wisely and amend the ticket prices accordingly.

  • Catering

Think about the food and drink that you will have available at the concert. If you are expecting attendees to bring their own food, then make them aware of this. However, if you will have caterers where attendees can purchase food and drink, make sure the attendees are aware. When planning out the food available, think about who is coming and what food they want. Different concerts will have different food requirements so make sure you keep this in mind when booking caterers or food vans.

  • Reliable Team

A great concert will require a lot of hands-on deck. You need to have a reliable team backing you up and helping ensure the concert runs smoothly. For a larger event make sure you have a leadership plan in place. This way people know who to contact in case of any situations that arise. While you may feel like you handle it all, on the day this could be a struggle so make sure you have a reliable team to support you and the concert.


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