The biggest concerns for remote workers is feeling like they are no longer part of the team, uninvolved in the business or feeling lonely at home. With the coronavirus pandemic many workers were forced to work at home from short notice and some of these workers are still working from home now. However, there are many flexible workers, remote workers and people working from home to better their work-life balance.

How can you help these people feel like they are part of the team and part of the business when they aren’t based in the office?

Here at Elite Events ECL we run a selection of events that support virtual team building for your remote workers. These are great fun events that help engage your employees with each other, their team and the business. Please see some of our examples below;

Remote Escape Room

We have been running escape rooms events for our clients and they are a great event to really join the team together in a challenge to find the solution. We are now able to offer this on a virtual basis. Teams can work remotely and collaboratively to complete a series of cryptic tasks as well as riddles and puzzles. All employees are working towards the same goal of being the first to escape. There are various types of content in all virtual escape rooms that create a fun experience for all participants.

Online Origami Workshops

For something more hands on and practical why not consider an online origami workshop. This is a tutorial workshop where participants can learn the art of paper folding in easy to follow steps. It’s an engaging and enjoyable experience for all attendees of all ages and abilities. We can also introduce your company branding, products or industry specific items into the virtual origami workshop to link back to your business. It’s a great chance for a calm and fun session of virtual team building for your remote workers and gives them something to keep too.

Virtual Comedy Drinks Night

With the strap line ‘Drink Less, Drink Better’ your employees are in for a great night of private drink tasting. Our comedy drink experts will educate your team about the history of drinking in a hilarious way. They will throw in fun facts, guidance and useful information while your team is laughing their socks off. This event can be matched to a drink of your choice or a certain era if you would prefer. If your team enjoys drinks after work or a comedy night at the weekend, then this is the perfect virtual event for your remote workers. It brings it all together.

These are just three of the selection of brilliant virtual team building events for remote workers that we can offer you. There are many more virtual events we can provide and support you with. For example, we can offer Virtual Drag Bingo, Remote Cocktail Making, Online Quizzes and so much more.

Contact us now to talk about your business and team. We can then create a personalised and bespoke virtual team building event for your remote workers.

Flair Bartender & Mixology

Bring the wow factor of drinks entertainment to your next event

  • From pop-up cocktail bars to flair bartending, these brilliant tailored services bring you exciting drinks entertainment
  • With over 15 years of experience as a Flair bartender your guests will be blown away by one of these incredible shows
  • Offers bartending with added wow factor with juggling of bar equipment, bottles and shakers and fire breathing
  • Can tailor the show to suit different themes or specific cocktails which you would like to showcase

The team is also able to offer drinks masterclasses, workshops and tasting sessions