Every business should have a company bible of some form. This is a document, book or file that include everything there is to know about your business. It should be a clear document for stakeholders in your business which clearly explains what your business represents and stands for. A company bible will help you and your business take the right steps towards success.

While every entrepreneur believes they have a vision or idea of the business they are developing; if this is not written down, the vision can quickly me lost, muddled or forgotten. By challenging yourself to put the ideas and visions for your business down on paper, you will gain an in-depth understanding into your business. This will also help you realise the untapped potential of your business and the amazing things you can achieve.

There are lots of examples of what company bibles should look like, but there are no hard and fast rules. Every company bible is different, because every company is different. Below we have listed some of the things we recommend you consider for when creating a company bible for your business.

Company Identity

Talk about the identity of your business when creating a company bible. Don’t talk about what your company is, but who your company is and who it helps. Envisage your business as an extension of you and others within your business. Think about it as a real person with aspirations, a voice and a personality. Consumers want to buy from honest and original companies. It’s no longer all about the price. Modern day consumers want to be part of something more significant. Make sure you create ways for them to interact with your business and list explain this when creating your company bible.

Company Values

Think about the fundamental values you hold close to your company. How do you meet these fundamental values and how do you want to promote your values? Take the time to consider your industry and the values of your competitors. For example, if you are in the tech industry you may want to focus on values of security and privacy. Choose the right values for your business, get the in your company bible and be ready to commit to them. Use these company values to ensure you work with the right suppliers, clients and employees.

Company Philosophy

Your philosophy should be the core of your business. However, to find your company philosophy you need to ask yourself some difficult questions. If you need help deciding the philosophy of your company, we can always help. You need to ask yourself why your company exists. Think about what your end goal is. Consider what your company beliefs are and who your customers are. You need to find the real, root answers to these questions. Then look at the actions your business is taking to meet your philosophy. Go over the story and purpose of your business and make sure you are heading in the right direction. Then, put this in your company bible to ensure you stay in the right direction.

Company Mission & Vision

Think about the vision and mission for your business. Don’t write pages and pages of content for your mission and visions as the true message will be lost. Instead, wrap everything into simple paragraphs. Use these pages in your company bible to communicate the goal of your activities. Also create a road map of your company objectives and how you will get there. While creating and understanding these objectives is easy, applying them successfully can be the real challenge.

Company Bible Overview

Above are just some of the things we think you should include in your company bible. However, there are lots of other areas too. Book an appointment with us and we can go through these with you. Remember – you need to share and indoctrinate everyone with your business with the company bible. From who to employ, how to market and when to grow – your company bible will help you with it all.