In this day and age there are so many businesses out there that do not make it until their first year and many more than don’t quite hit 3 successful years in business. Running your own business can be hard, and there are lots of challenges to overcome too. Why not celebrate those annual wins? Every year your business is a year older, have a business celebration.

This could be a celebration with drinks and nibbles in your office, a large meeting room, or in a private venue. Perhaps you would rather take your top clients to a night at the dogs, a meal out or bowling for example.

A business birthday party is a great chance to thank your existing clients and customers for supporting your business. You can also invite your brand new clients and old clients that have moved on but you are still on good terms with. By bringing potential new clients and business contacts into this room you have a room full of people telling them how great you and your business are.

It’s hard to run your own business; as a business owner myself I know this. To ensure you have many successful years you have to focus on the business and making your clients happy. While you focus on your business we can go about celebrating your company birthday and planning everything for you.

We can help you get the invite list together and send out the invites for you. We can help you choose the best venue for your company birthday or plan the perfect celebratory event for you, your clients and your budget.

By using an event planner for your company birthday you get all that stress taken away. You’ll also find that as event planners we have special and preferential rates with some venues. This means that you could save money on a venue and the event by outsourcing your company birthday event planning to us.

We can be as involved as you want. We can plan out the whole event for you so you can just show up on the day and look fabulous, or we can organise bits and pieces to make your life easier.

Running your own business is hard work and each year you are in business is a huge achievement – celebrate it in style!