When it comes to building new properties, there are a lot of different things involved. There are also a lot of different skills involved. Aside from needing a fabulous Architect to walk you through the planning process, you need organisational skills, project management skills, building skills, admin skills and so much more. This is where our project management service can come in. As your project manager we can manage as much or as little as you need. We can act for you, the client, and can work with your Architect (Principal Designer) and Contractors (Principal Contractor) under the CDM Regulations.

But what is involved in the planning application process of new properties?

As a client, you may need to go for outline planning permission. This doesn’t include any specifics in the design but offers permission in principle.  This will not give you permission to start work, but it will tell you if a building that you have in mind could get the permission to go ahead.

As the client you will be aware, you will need full planning permission to start the project. If you are an Architect and require support pulling together planning documentation such as Traffic Assessments, Flood Reports, Ecology Reports, EIA’s etc., then we can help you.

If you are now in the phase of implementing the planning conditions that are “pre-commencement” we can manage that for you too.

Here at Elite, we have over 100 hours of pre-app consultation both with the public and with stakeholders. We can support your project team telling the interested parties about the project and answering questions.

Radio interviews – no problem!   Parish Council meetings – no problem!  Community Groups – no problem!

Having a project manager to organise/support the planning application process of your new project can save you a lot of time, stress and money. Call now to find out more about previous planning projects we have worked on and how we helped those clients.