When looking to hire an event planner for your business, charity or personal event you may be unsure what you need to know. With so many event planners in Peterborough out there, how can you know which one is the right event planner for you?

In this blog post we share some of the things to ask when hiring an event planner. These questions will help you gain a better understanding of the event planner, what they do and how they can work with your event. The questions will also help ensure that you get the best possible event planner for you and your event.

Areas of Expertise

Ask your event planner what their areas of expertise are. If you are planning a charity Bollywood night you want to know if they have experience in these areas. Are you planning an awards ceremony? Does the event planner have experience in these areas? If your event planner has experience planning the sort of events that you will be holding, they will be able to bring a lot of experience to the table. This will help your event be even more of a success.

Services Offered

Some event planners will just help you plan the event and keep track of all the details. Others will be there on the day to help ensure the event runs smoothly. There are professional event planners that will help you from the very beginning to the very end, with venue and supplier sourcing too. Think about the amount of help you will need planning your event and ensure that the event planner you have in mind can help with all of that.

Included Costs

The last thing you want when planning an event is to have an unexpected bill. Take the time to understand how the event planner charges for their time. Ask what is included in their fees as well as anything that isn’t included. Find out how much they want to be paid, how they want to be paid and when you need to pay them too. That way you can plan out the payments in advance. It’s a good idea to check on their cancellation policy at this time too.

On The Day Staff

If the event planner will be present on the day, who will be there with them? Are they your contact on the day or will there be someone else you haven’t met? If you have a team of staff at your event, is the event planner able to oversee them? What times will they be there on the day and is there a limit of meetings up until the event?

By having answers to these questions, you will know exactly what to expect when working with this event planner. You can then decide if they are the right event planner for you. If you have an event that you need help with, call our team. All our consultations are free and, why not book one now and you can ask any of these questions or any more that you might have.