Here at Elite Events ECL we often say that we are not your normal event planners. We have many years of experience planning, organising and running events. However, we offer more than that. We are an event consultancy and have experience in health and safety, first aid and the legal planning side of events too.

This is why we feel we are well placed to create this blog post on the practical considerations for summer event planning.

Summer event planning is great fun, but there is also a lot involved. You need to choose the right date, the right venue and the right location too. Then you need to think about the costings to put the event on, and where this money will come from. Will you apply for funding, sell tickets or charge for sponsorship? These are all things that we can help with.

However, there are also some practical considerations for summer event planning that you might not have thought about. We have listed these below for you, but if you need help with them for your summer event, call our team. Our professional summer event planners will be more than happy to help you out.

  • Health and Safety

Think about the event, the activities, the location. What potential accident and injury risks are present? Is it near water, is there a play park, is shade available? A risk assessment will need to be conducted to ensure your event is as safe for everyone as possible.

  • First Aid

Who will be responsible for First Aid on the day? If it is a large event, you may want a First Aid organisation to attend. For smaller events you may want to use your own volunteers, but it’s important that have had the first aid training required.

  • Access

Think about the sort of people that will be attending your event. You want to make sure it is open to everyone. Is the venue wheelchair accessible? Are there quiet areas for those that can feel overwhelmed? Is seating available for those that need it, or are people expected to bring their own seating? These are things that need to be thought about and attendees need to be aware in advance.

  • Insurance

You may need public liability insurance for your summer event or even general event insurance. However, do you know what it needs to cover, how much you need covered and how much it will cost? You might not even need the public liability insurance. Again, this is something we can help you decide and organise.

Need help with any of these practical considerations for summer event planning? Call our experienced summer event planners now. We will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.