Summer is upon us, you only need to look out the window to see the sun pouring down, unless of course you look out the window at the wrong moment and see the cloudy skies, the rain or even the storms. That’s the Great British Summer for you; one minute it is sunny skies and the next there are big grey clouds and the threat of rain.

The lack of consistency of weather in the summer months can lead to trouble for events organisers who are organising summer events …. so we have put together some top tips to help you have a successful summer party; no matter the weather!

Choose A Location With Indoor and Outdoor Space

When choosing the ideal location for your summer party, make sure there are spaces indoors and outdoors. For larger events this may mean a chalet or indoor amphitheatre. You may not need to use the indoor and outdoor spaces, but at least if you have reserved them both you can play to the weather on the day.

Check Indoor and Outdoor Curfews

If you are having an event that may be indoors or outdoors then you need to check on curfews. For example, if your event is outside and near a residential area, you may have a curfew that stops the local community being disturbed throughout the night. You need to keep this curfew in mind when planning the entertainment and timings.

Think About Protective Coverings

We don’t just mean having somewhere to run to if it’s raining, because on a scorching hot day some shade or cover is just as important. It is very hard to order marquees and gazebos with a days notice so plan in advance so you can think about decorating them too.

Remind Attendees about the Weather

Remind attendees that the British weather is changeable and recommend that they wear suitable weather attire and are prepared if the weather conditions change. Recommend things like jumpers or coats, sun shades, sunglasses, sun lotion, a hat, umbrellas and of last but by no means least water, it is important to stay hydrated!!

Have An Emergency Kit

Because your attendees may not listen to your warnings, make sure you have an emergency kit of umbrellas, blankets, rain ponchos, fans, sun lotion, insect repellent and so on. You may even want to bring spare plastic bags for guests to take wet clothing home.

With careful planning you can avoid many of the pitfalls that outdoor events can bring.

However, if you’d like a great event without any of the stress then why not contact us directly? As event planners we can do all the planning for you and even be there on the day for any last minute issues that may arise