There is a lot involved in planning an event. This is why our event planning service is so popular. You have to find a venue, find caterers, plan the theme, arrange décor to match the theme and so much more. There are also loads of suppliers that you can use for your event. From cake makers, sweetie carts, photographers, videographers, DJs, musicians, magicians and more. How do you know which ones to choose if you are on a budget?

There is one supplier that you definitely need at your event, and this is an event photographer. This is an essential supplier for all events, in our opinion. In this blog post we explain why. Choosing the right event photographer will ensure your event is a success and remembered for years to come.

You might think that you don’t need a professional photographer at your event as everyone has cameras on phones. They can all take their own photos and event promotion can be done by them. But what about you? How will you show off your great event and what photos will you use to promote next year’s event and the one after that?

The role of an event photographer is to enable your guests to immerse themselves in the moment. While they are doing this, the photographer is snapping away and capturing them experiencing the moment. Fun, candid and posed photos can be captured with ease. These will show the real atmosphere of the event and be of excellent quality and lighting.

We all know how big social media is. Visual content is huge on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Research shows that you are 94% more likely to gain attention on social media posts if you use a photo or video. If you want to promote your business and your events, then high quality and professional photos are a must. These photos can be used in newsletters, on your website and even in the media too. This will give you great business exposure and boost your brand awareness.

Having a professional photographer at your event takes a weight off your shoulders. You aren’t relying on your team or attendees to get the snaps you want. Instead, you can tell the photographer the photos you want, and they will get them for you. It’s their job and what they do best. You’ll be sure that all your photos are giving off the right image of your corporate event too.

Want to know more about why your event needs a photographer? Call us now. We will happily discuss the other advantages and recommend some local event photographers for your event too.