In recent blog posts we have spoken about various ways project managers can help your business. But have you considered how a project manager can help with event planning? A project manager is great at event planning. After all, they manage every part of a project and keep everything on track. What better skills do you need for event planning?

A project manager can help with developing the plans for your event. This will include project plans as well as the outline of how the event will be executed. In addition, your event planning project manager can manage your resources, plan out a delivery timeline and create event programmes too.

When you use the project management team at Elite Events ECL for your project management needs, you’ll find they have all the skills for event planning that you need. They are detailed and insightful. The team possess excellent communication skills for you, your team, your attendees and your stake holders too. Their people management skills are very strong too. They have the ability and experience to multi-task. This helps with guiding teams to execute high-quality events within tight schedules and budgets.

A project manager can help with the planning of your events in various ways. For example, they can help with tasks such as aligning the expenditure of the event with the budget for the event. They will also be able to collaborate with internal stakeholders as well as vendors to ensure the event plans are in place and within budget. Your project manager will also be able to develop event communication plans to ensure key messages are delivered clearly.

In addition, your project manager can develop event floor plans and proposals, based on the requirements of the client. Project plans can be developed for the future execution of events too. Your project manager can lead discussions with clients to discuss the scope of the event and the objectives too. Project plans including risk management plans can be created by your event project manager too.

It is possible for your project manager to take on other event management tasks too. Things like managing the sourcing of venues, speakers and catering for example. They can also liaise with clients, suppliers and attendees for invoicing and payments too. It’s possible for them to manage financial budgets as well, as this is something that our team are experienced in.

After the event is finished, your project manager could help with leading discussions around the event. In addition, they can recommend and manage measures to improve the event in the future and desired outcomes. Any event issues can also be monitored and resolved by the project manager too.

If you are wondering if you need an event planner or a project manager for your next event – maybe you need to speak to our team. We have the event planning skills you need and the project management experience too.