If you are putting through a planning application on a larger development, it’s likely that you’ll need a public consultation. This is because larger developments are likely to have a significant impact on people and their neighbourhoods. Other planning applications that are likely to impact on the local community may also require a public consultation.

It is possible that a thorough public consultation could have been carried out prior to submitting a planning application. If this is the first development you require planning permission for then it’s well worth working with a project manager, to support you with this. Here at Elite Events ECL we can manage this process for you, working with your Principle Designer. If you have been through planning applications and public consultations before you will know just how much is involved. If you want to remove some of the stressful and time-consuming tasks from the process, we can take them off your hands for you.

Many people new to planning applications see a public consultation as a tick-box exercise. However, that really isn’t the case. A public consultation takes place to help applicants demonstrate that all views of various stakeholders have been considered. This consultation process can assist with the public’s perception of the project and can help alleviate concerns.

Here at Elite Events ECL, we have many years of experience within the planning sector. Our event planning background also means that we are extremely organised too. We can plan, manage, undertake and coordinate community consultation exercises on your behalf. These can be managed before, during and after planning applications, as required.

In addition to running the community consultation exercises, we can help you capture the feedback from the local community. This includes residents, businesses and any other stakeholders. We will then interpret this feedback, work with you and look at how it may impact on your planning application. From this we can then work with you to devise a planning strategy that will succeed.

Our planning application support team can also help you evidence these community consultation exercises. The associated statement of community involvement can then be created. This can be used to support your planning application.

Whatever your requirements, our public consultation activity is backed by our expert advice. This will help support your public consultation and planning application. Want to know more about our experience? Speak to our team for real-life examples or check out our testimonials.