Many couples dream of a big wedding, but don’t want the religious side of the wedding. This is where a civil ceremony can come in. It is a legally binding ceremony that has no religious context. Instead of being performed by a Vicar, Pastor or a Priest, for example, it is performed by a Registrar.

Alternatively, you can have a civil ceremony at the local registrar office. You can then get married with a celebrant and all your loved ones wherever you choose. This could be in a castle, a hotel, on the beach or in a tree house. With a civil ceremony and a celebrant, you can literally get married anywhere you choose.

If you choose to marry with a celebrant, you need to attend the registry office before your wedding with the celebrant. You can then get married anywhere you choose. This is ideal if you have your heart set on a wedding location or venue that is not registered for weddings and only approved for civil marriage.

However, if you would like to marry at a venue, with no religion included and don’t want a separate ceremony at the registry office, then you will need to find a civil ceremony venue. Approved venues for marriage ceremonies come in all shapes and sizes. They could be a hotel, a restaurant, a castle or a listed building for example.

If you are looking for a listed building for your special day, drop us a line. We are professionals at venue sourcing. We will take the time to understand what you want from your venue and we will find the perfect place for you. Our team can connect you or recommend you to a celebrant too if you would rather choose a venue or location for your wedding that is not registered.

One of the lovely things about a civil wedding ceremony is that is can be personalised to suit you and your partner. This includes how the ceremony takes place, the seating, the songs, the vows and the readings. You are not allowed to have any songs or reading that have religious associations, but apart from that you have free reign.

It’s your wedding day and your choice.