Have you been wondering what it is that event planners do? If it’s just planning an event and then turning up on the day, that sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? In which case, why don’t people do it themselves? The main reason is because that is not just what business event planners do. Event management is a pretty vague term which works as a ‘catch all’ title for everything that event planners do.

For example, the field itself in which business event planners work is pretty big. It comprises of a number of different industries. These areas all require different skills too. You’ll have an event planner for a large team meeting for example. An event planner will also organise a conference or a trade show. Then you have event planners for weddings, parties and ceremonies. Each event has a different outcome, and each outcome requires different skills from your event planner.

In this blog post we are looking at what business event planners do. If you were to hire an event planner for your corporate event, they would often be responsible for all, some or more than the following, but it gives you an idea of what to expect when hiring a business event planning company.

  • Working out the details of the event budget.
  • Designing an event that meets the needs and outcome goals of the business.
  • Planning the scope, time, date and location of the event, along with the schedule.
  • Research the price of tickets, how they should be sold and when tickets are available.
  • Managing all communication with partners, vendors, suppliers, sponsors and even attendees.
  • Venue sourcing, selection and set-up of the venue for the event.
  • Organising a team of staff that are responsible for the smooth running of the event.
  • Monitoring the event and ensuring all desired outcomes are being met, while ensuring the event is running smoothly.
  • Post-event reviewing.

As you can see, there is a lot involved in business event planning. If you need the help of a professional and experienced event planner to help with your next event, call our team. We will be only too happy to help.