Elite Events – BLOG – Unique Ideas For Corporate Event Entertainment

As the lockdown regulations lift and people feel safer returning to corporate events again, the pressure is on for companies to create events that offer a memorable experience for everyone. But help is at hand. Here at Elite Events ECL events is what we do best. Below we have put together a list of unique ideas for corporate event entertainment that will certainly result in a memorable event for all your attendees.

You might have your amazing speakers booked and a fab venue chosen, but these unique ideas for your corporate event entertainment will help take your event to that next level. These ideas will help make your corporate event entertaining enjoyable for everyone.

A Puppy Pen

Everyone loves puppies so why not have a puppy pen where attendees can cuddle the puppies during breakouts, brainstorming or lunchtimes? Not only will it perk up everyone’s moods and get them smiling, you’ll have some great event photos on their social media shouting about your event too.

Meet and Greet

Instead of being welcomed by joining a queue of people to sign in, why not have a celebrity, or impersonator offering a meet and greet as people arrive? This will set the scene of the event and help manage the queues of attendees on arrival too. With so many incredibly impersonators out there, you could be spoilt for choice.

Live Band

You’ll sometimes find that some attendees will leave before the last part of the day. They’re keen to get going, feel exhausted from the day or just want to miss the rush-hour traffic. By putting something incredible at the end of the event, like a live band for example, you are sure to have people sticking around to the very end – and staying long after too.

Circus Performers

Circus performers and magic are often used at awards ceremonies and similar events, but rarely used at other corporate events such as seminars for example. Why not though? Being welcomed by a man on stilts, seeing magic at lunchtime or admiring a lady swinging across the room on ropes will certainly make the event memorable and talked about long after the day is done.

Cooking Class

This can work really well for smaller events, or if lunchtimes are split for larger groups. Instead of everyone piling through to the restaurant or canteen for food, why not get the attendees to make their lunch themselves. This could be one cookery class for a medium sized group or a selection of various cookery classes that people can join based on their tastes. It will bring the groups together, create relationships and it’s a great break-out from an event with a lot of information to take in.


When thinking about corporate event entertainment, you need to think about what you want your event to achieve and how you want attendees to feel. Once you’ve figured that out, then you can start choosing the best corporate event entertainment for your attendees. If you love the ideas above or want more ideas, call our team. We can source the corporate event entertainment you need and help you plan the corporate event too.