It’s great that the coronavirus roadmap has moved forward safely, and larger events can start taking place again. However, there are some important things to remember as we move forward into the next stage of the roadmap. While it’s exciting that events can take place again, we still need to be careful to ensure everyone stays safe.

Here at Elite Events ECL we can help you with covid-safe venue sourcing and event planning for what is becoming known as the ‘new norm’. If you are looking to run a covid-safe event post lockdown then call us. We can talk through the event with you and suggest ways of making it a safer event for everyone.

In the meantime, we have put together these three tips for covid-safe events post lockdown. We hope these tips help you. But, if you need any more advice or help with event planning and organising, call our team.

  • Flexibility

Travel habits for your event attendees will change, as will their working times and locations. Consider evening events or staggered start times to make the event easier to attend for everyone. Think about transport to the event too. Some people will want to avoid public transport, so instead of city centre events why not have your event outside the city? Think about break out rooms at events too. This puts people in smaller groups, which will feel safer for many.

  • Creativity

It’s important to think creatively when it comes to covid-safe events post lockdown. Instead of holding one long day event, why not run smaller bespoke events. This will allow you to better focus on the safety of your attendees and engagement will be higher too. If you’re having an evening event maybe you could have a sit-down dinner and entertainment instead of a dinner and dance event? Thinking outside the box will really help you create a successful event that your attendees will love.

  • Guest Focus

We focus on the motto “all you need to do is turn up and look fabulous”. This means that we can look after everything for you. Your incredible event will be running smoothly, and you can focus on your guests. As we are only beginning to return to normality, that extra TLC from you, the host, could mean the world to them. Let us work with you to create a perfect and memorable event for you and your guests.