If you’re looking to create an impactful and stunning first impression for your event, then you need good venue dressing. The dressing of your venue will hugely impact how people feel about you, your event, your business or brand when they arrive at your event. If the venue is dressed in a shabby manner, or hardly dressed at all, your guests will be forming an impression of you and your business.

This is the importance of good venue dressing. Your venue needs to match your business and your brand. As professional venue dressers in Peterborough, we take the time to talk to our clients. We discuss their business, their brand and their message. Our event planners will ask what the business wants as the outcome of the event – then we will work back from there to ensure the expected outcome is achieved.

  • Good Venue Dressing Creates A Buzz

When your business event, product launch or awards night has been perfectly styled, attendees will feel the same excitement as you. Take the time to think about themes. Do you want a theme for the event, and if so, what? If you don’t want a theme, then what will the venue look like and how will it be laid out? These are all things that we, as event planners, can help you with.

  • Good Venue Dressing Meets Objectives

You can use an event theme to align to key messages within your business. For example, an Oscar themed night for an awards ceremony or a thank-you event for your team can work really well. Think about the objectives of the business and how these match the objectives of the event. Use key phrases in the name of the event and in presentations throughout the event to drive those key words and messages home. The key messages can be used on welcome signs, tickets, branding, invites and more.

  • Good Venue Dressing Encourages Sharing

The best thing that good venue dressing can achieve is sharing on social media. The more opportunities you give your guests to take photos, the more things about your event will be shared on social media. This could include a branded photo backdrop, selfie screens, a flower wall or even a photobooth for example. Think about the tone and message you want shared on social media by your guests – then think about the event décor to achieve this. Again, our event planners in Peterborough can help with any of these things and connect you with suppliers.

  • Good Venue Dressing Makes Memories

Your guests will remember your event if it offered maximum entertainment and style. By having a theme that meets the goals and objectives of your business, this will fit into your guests’ memories too.  You need to think about what you want to achieve from your event and the way you want your guests to feel. Think about the memories you want your guests to leave with, then plan how these memories can be made.


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