Did you know that over 835,000 new businesses launched in the UK in 2020? Many of these began during COVID and the pandemic. This means that loads of new businesses in the UK and our local business community haven’t had a chance to launch their new business.

If your new business began last year but you haven’t had a launch party yet, we are here to help!   In this blog post we have put together five tips for your Post COVID business launch party. These business party launch tips will really help your business make an impact.

  1. Think Colours

Think about your business and brand colours and use these throughout your business launch party. The colours around the room will quickly be associated with you and brand. As photos are taken, these colours will seep in so your brand and colourings can be seen online and through social media too. These company colours could be balloons, tablecloths, signs, décor around the party venue and similar, even your food!

  1. Where The Launch Party Starts

Think about where your business launch party starts. It shouldn’t start in the room, but before that. Attendees will remember the beginning and the end of the event most clearly so it’s important to make it memorable. If your business party venue is hard to find, make it clear. This could be balloons, signage, arrows or footprints. Make it link to your brand and have fun with the wording too – it is a party remember!

  1. Sound Them Out

Nobody likes to be the first at the party, if there is a quiet party, people may wait until others arrive. However, if you have music to greet guests then people think that the party has begun and don’t mind being the first ones there. Something like a small band can work really well as background music, or even just some of your favourite tunes playing through the speakers.

  1. Launch Your Business

The party is taking place to launch your business, so make sure your business is the main focus. Put in a time to present yourself and the business to the room. On top of this, have posters and banners around the room explaining your business and offerings. If you sell products, have these on display too. This will ensure attendees fully understand your business and what you do. Take your guests on a journey through the launch of your business and who you are and what you do.

  1. Take Homes

Give your guests a little something to take home with them. This could be a VIP bag with marketing goodies like a products sample, a branded pen and notebook, or a sweet treat for later. A photo booth is a great idea for a business launch party too. Guests can take the photos away with them, but you’ll have copies for your own marketing too.


If you need help planning your business launch party, call our corporate event planning team. Organising events is what we do best. Whether it’s sourcing a venue, finding caterers and entertainment, planning the whole event or just being there on the day to ensure it runs smoothly – we are here to help!