As businesses look to employ new staff members into their team, they often look to their team to help train the new employee. Why not hey? The other staff have been in your business a while and they know how things work. They are great at what they do and have really helped grow the business. Surely, they are the perfect people to train your new recruits.

Or is that the reason they are completely the wrong people to train your new employees? They are great at what they do and help you grow the business. Yet you want to take them away from that to train up a new person. This takes hours, days and even weeks in some cases. Your star performing employee will be taken away from what they are amazing at, to help someone else. They then need to return to what they do and start afresh again.

So why not consider outsourcing your training to save time? Your new employees will still be trained well, but you are not taking that time away from your team. This is a service we offer here at Elite Events ECL. It’s a service that is extremely popular among busy businesses that want to grow.

We will take the time to talk to your employees. During these conversations we will take note of what their job responsibilities are and what their job entails. We will take notes of what your team does for the business and how they do it.

This will then be used to create a Process and Procedures Manual – or in this case a training manual. We are then able to come in and train up your new employees on your behalf. They will get all the training and time they need which will help create the perfect onboarding treatment for each new employee as they join your team.

We can also sit with employees that are leaving the team and their job role is being filled. The training manual will be created based on what the departing employee does and how they do it. Once the new old employee has left and the new one starts, we can work with them to get them up to scratch.

Instead of taking employees away from what they are great at within your business, why not let us train your new employees for you. Our training manuals can be used by your team and even kept by new employees if you would like.

Contact us now if you would like to outsource your training to save time.