Are you looking to plan an end of year award ceremony for your own company, your business industry or your local community? An award ceremony at the end of the year is a great idea. While it does take a lot of planning, it celebrates people’s achievements in that year. It acts as a boost that will help people through the end of this year and carry them through to next year too.

However, you will find it time-consuming to plan an end of year award ceremony. There is so much to consider, like dates, venues, location, award titles, award receivers, a compere, food, dancing, music and much more.

This is why we can be here to help you as end of year award ceremony planners. We have helped organise and plan many award ceremonies in the past. This means that we know what is needed, what can be forgotten and what order things need to be planned and confirmed. As your award ceremony planners, we can be involved as little or as much as you want.

Alongside the planning of the end of year awards ceremony, there are other things that you need to think about too. Perhaps most importantly, you need to get people excited. Think about the well-known awards such as the Oscars, TV awards and Grammys. Consider how you can get your attendees to your awards as excited as attendees to these awards get. Show off how great the awards ceremony will be but make it easy to apply for the awards too. Together this will ensure there is a buzz in the air when the big night comes round.

Focus on making it fun. This should be the case for sponsors, attendees on the night and award finalists. You need to sell the end of year awards ceremony as a great night out. Encourage people to dress to impress and talk about what will be on offer. Are you having evening entertainment, a DJ or a compere? What food will you be offering? Will there be a chocolate fountain or photo booth? All these things will get people excited for a great fun awards ceremony.

Offer a selection of different awards as well as the standard that everyone expects. While you can have most successful, best sales and similar awards, what else could you have? How about a Community Champion or a Business Hero that celebrates someone that has gone above and beyond? To make it even more fun on the night, you could have a Best Dancer award or similar. This can be voted for by attendees and a dance off always makes for a memorable night.

Need help to plan your end of years awards ceremony and make it a huge success? Call our awards ceremony event planners now.