Spring is in the air and the warmer weather will soon be upon us. This means that outdoor parties could be back on the list again. Outdoor parties are a lovely and informal way to gather with friends, family, colleagues or clients. However, just like with planning any party, it can be stressful. Preparation is key and, in this blog post we share our top tips for how you can plan an amazing outdoor party.

  • Treat The Table As A Table

Think of how you would dress tables inside the venue. Do this for outside too. This could be how your chairs are set, the table is laid and the glassware and crockery you use. You can still make an amazing outdoor party classy. Think about the décor you use and how you will decorate the area. Maybe you want a gazebo or natural shade under the trees. What will people sit on and what will they eat at?

  • Use The Outdoors

You are outside, so make the most of what is around you. Don’t cover up the trees or hide them away. Instead, decorate them with bunting or fairy lights. Show off the natural beauty of outside. Use fresh flowers as table decorations. We can recommend a professional florist to help you achieve a luxurious flower décor for your outdoor event. Alternatively, we can connect you with some local flower suppliers and help you make the décor yourself. The key is to stick to one or two colours. This will help create an effortlessly beautiful arrangement. Potted plants can be a great look too.

  • Lighting – All The Time

Think about your lighting, throughout the event. While you may be lucky enough to have tons of natural light throughout the day, what will happen in the evening? If you want guests to linger into the evening think of ways to light the area and space. This could be lanterns, candles and fairy lights for example. These lighting options create more of a magical and romantic feel for the evening that oozes elegance.

  • Thank You For The Music

There will be awkward silences at your event, and you can manage these accordingly. Having entertainment, or table games can be a great way to avoid awkward silences. However, when the first guests arrive, food is being eaten or the event is coming to a close – it will be quiet. Think about the background music you can have to beat these awkward silences.

These are just some of our tips to help you plan an amazing outdoor party. The real key to making an outdoor party a success is to be as stress-free as possible. This is why you might want to consider hiring our outdoor party planning services. We can manage all the organisation and planning on your behalf. All you need to do is turn up and look fabulous!

So that’s it…five simple ways to make your next outdoor party a success! I hope this gives you some inspiration to add those few special touches that take your next get together from ordinary to extraordinary!