If you are looking to plan a surprise party, this blog is for you. If you are looking to host a surprise party, then maybe our event planning services are for you. Planning a party is hard. However, planning a surprise party is even harder. You’ll often find that the person you really want help from is the person the surprise party is planned for. This is why it is sometimes easier to hire a party planner for your surprise party. That way you have someone to talk to, plan with and hold the fort on your behalf.

While you can plan a surprise party by yourself, it’s a good idea to have others on your side too. This can be like your mini party-planning committee. Again, this could be led by you, or you can hire our party planners to head the committee and keep everything in line. One of the most important roles you need help with is someone to get the guests there without them knowing. You also need someone at the venue to make sure attendees are ready to greet the guests.

You need to think carefully about the venue too. Consider how many people you expect to attend. If people are travelling far or plan on drinking, is there accommodation at the venue or nearby? Are you having a disco surprise party or a sit-down meal? Where can people park so the surprise isn’t ruined as the main guest arrives? If you need help with venue or accommodation sourcing, speak to our team. We have business relationships with a lot of local venues and may be able to get you preferential rates. This is just one more benefit of working with our party planners to plan your surprise party.

It’s important to think about a theme for the surprise party too. You don’t want the special guest to stick out like a sore thumb so keep this in mind if you are an option for a fancy-dress theme. Surprise parties with a casual and informal dress code are much easier to pull off. However, a themed party can often be better for creating memorable events.

Need help with planning a party? Call our event organisers and party planners now. We will be happy to discuss your party plans, budget and details to create the perfect event for you and your guests.