When planning an awards ceremony there is lots to think about. This is why many people use the services of an awards event planner. This will ensure that nothing is forgotten and that everything runs smoothly. Here at Elite Events ECL we have helped our clients organise award ceremonies and these have been extremely successful. If you need help planning your awards ceremony, why not call our event planning team in Peterborough?

In this blog post we want to share with you how to choose the right venue for your awards ceremony. The type of venue you choose for your awards ceremony will have a huge impact on the success of your event. As professional and experienced award event planners, we can help source the right venue for you and your awards ceremony.

There are lots of things to consider. Firstly, you need to think about your budget. When you know the budget that you have available for the venue, you can look at the venues within that budget. You need to think about the number of guests attending the awards ceremony too. It is pointless viewing venues that won’t be able to hold all your guests or will look too big with only your smaller number of guests.

Think about the theme of your awards ceremony too. If you are having an upscale awards ceremony, then you may want to consider an upscale venue. Something like a museum, town hall or art gallery could work well for example. However, for larger events with lots of attendees, a local hotel with function rooms could work better for you.

When you choose the right venue for your awards ceremony you need to think about what it available at the venue. What does the end of your awards ceremony look like? Do you want a dancefloor so guests can party the night away? How will you be able to put your brand on the venue? If it’s a company awards ceremony with suppliers and clients attending, you want to make sure your brand is seen and recognised throughout the event. Is this something that can be done at your chosen venue?

You need to think about the AV requirements of your event too. Does the venue have sound backdrops and visuals? Is there an in-house PA system and sound engineer or will you need to bring in the equipment and staff for this? How much room is available for these systems to be set up?

It’s important that you think about the stage too. You need a stage big enough for the awards and the presentations. However, you don’t want a stage where the presenter and receiver look lost as it is so large.

These are all things that need to be considered when you choose the right venue for your awards ceremony, along with location, parking, accommodation and transport links too. If you need help choosing the right venue for your awards ceremony, or with the planning of the awards event – call us now. We will be only too happy to help, so all you’ll need to do is turn up and look fabulous.