Have you been tasked with planning the work Christmas party this year? There is a lot to think about including dates, locations, dress code, venue and entertainment. However, another thing to think about is the budget. They say that money is what makes the world go round, but when it comes to Christmas event planning, it can be a real headache. This is why you need to understand the budget for the work Christmas party before you start any planning at all.

First of all, find out what the budget for the work Christmas party is. This will help you see how much you have to spend. Secondly, think about what you want from the works Christmas event. List these things in order or need, want and would like. From this you can create a spreadsheet with an estimated cost of each thing. The spreadsheet should include things like venue, food, drinks, entertainment, decorations, travel, accommodation, gifts and more.

Check the total estimated costs and then look at how this compares to the budget for your work Christmas party. This will help you see early on what you can and can’t afford. You may also see some wriggle room where costs can be reduced by having a drinks package from the venue instead of an open bar for example.

When it comes to working to a budget for your work Christmas party, you don’t want to cut corners, but you do want to save money where you can. This is where our Christmas event planners can really help.

Here at Elite Events ECL we are professional event planners. We have strong working relationships with event venues and suppliers. This means that we can get you the best price. We also know who the best venue and suppliers are for your event, based on your desired outcomes. This means that your work Christmas event won’t break the bank, but it will be an event enjoyed by everyone.

Our Christmas party planners can help ensure that you have allocated your budget in accordance with what is most important to the company and the business values. We can help you make those sometimes-difficult decisions between extensive food options, evening entertainment choices and drink package variations.

Need help planning the budget for your work Christmas party? Call our Christmas party planning team now.