We recently shared a blog post about the fact we are ISO9001 trained for process writing and procedure writing. In this blog post we explained that while this was great news for us, what did it actually mean for you and your business.

So, in this blog post we would like to help you understand how our ISO9001 procedure writing service helps businesses. We are doing this by sharing a real review from a client that has had this service from us. Have a read of the review below from Edward Smith at Sphere RHSM to see how our ISO9001 procedure writing helped his business.

The dilemma we had at Sphere was we had a staff member leaving and we had a month to get to know what their job was as they were with the business for over 2 years and had taken on a lot of responsibility and as the role was adaptive they had a lot of new jobs that the original job spec did not entail. This challenge however did not stop Helen at Elite Events and Consultancy, she came in sat down with the employee, spoke through all aspects of the current job role, she then sat alongside the employee and meticulously went through every aspect of each task, it took over 10 days to map out and write up the processes but once that had been completed we were left with a working manual so when the new person came to the job they could simply pick up and do the work.

Working with Helen is always a pleasure, she is a consummate professional being able to work with any age group or demographic, she is respectful and a great addition to our team when needed. She always works to deadlines that you set and is a breath of fresh air for your business and team.

Helens’ offering was value for money, to be honest we would have paid her more, for what we have got out of the process manual, the hours saved, the money saved, the stress saved, overall it was a fantastic investment for our business, we don’t need to hand hold staff as long as we used to and the SMT who train the staff have had their timed save too.

We were so happy with the results, it has been such a time saver and invaluable tool, we are able to teach staff not from memory but the way it should be done without the comment from others, which is always useful when teaching staff.

The support afterwards has been great Helen has been in twice to tweak the manual as it evolves as businesses do, there are systems we no longer use etc, Helen has come in worked on the manual and updated it with proficiency and speed to make sure it was there for when we need it. Not only this, but Helen has come in and sat down with the new person and gone through the manual and has become an integral part of training our new staff for our business, an offering she didn’t have to do but felt necessary as she created the manual.

Ultimately we would have been lost without our process manual, it was a small investment for a huge return and our new starters have been able to pick up the job much quicker and with less assistance from others which has been a saving in money and time for the business, if you ever need your processes or procedures thoroughly looked at and then written up meticulously then Helen and Elite Events and Consultancy are your perfect place.

If you have found yourself reading this and thinking you need the same help call me now. I can discuss the ISO9001 procedure writing service over the phone with you. We can arrange a time for me to meet with the key members of your team to begin the ISO9001 procedure writing service.