Wedding styling isn’t all about collecting pretty things and placing them around your venue. Instead, you need to have a strategy and a process behind your wedding venue styling. This way it will be a fabulous drop back for your photos, a fabulous first impression for guests and a wedding that will reflect you and your loved one.

In this blog post we share our top tips for dressing your wedding venue with style. Remember, if you have collected beautiful props and trinkets you’d like displayed at your wedding – why not ask about our “On The Day Planner” service. We can lay out your beautiful items for you, exactly as you choose in advance.

A Colour Palette

Not sure about where to start with your colour palette? Think about the time of year that the wedding is taking place and consider seasonal colours. Think about flowers you like, and their colours. If you love walks in the woods with your partner, why not choose a green colour palette, or blue and yellow if you love the beach? Look around your home at the colours you are drawn towards and these can be your wedding colour palette. This colour palette will be the foundation for the style of your wedding.

A Wedding Theme

Now to think about the theme for your wedding. This should be a theme that reflects you as a couple. You may have chosen a theme, such as woodland or beach, when you were coming up with your wedding colour palette. The location and wedding venue will also play a large part in your wedding theme, so think carefully about how the venue and the wedding theme can work together, in partnership.

Your Wedding Props

Once you’ve chosen your wedding colour palette and theme, you can start collecting props, trinkets and other beautiful items for your wedding. When you’re thinking about table decorations and centrepieces, think odd. Odd numbers of items are known to be more visually appealing than even pairs on the table. Think about heights of items too. Displaying props in a pyramid style is very attractive to the eye. However, you want your guests to be able to see each other across the table

The Focal Points

You should always have at least one focal point at your wedding. This is where an area immediately grabs the attention of your guests. This could be a flower wall, a wedding photo board or similar. If you have a large wedding venue, consider having more than one focal point throughout the venue. These will enable you to put your personality and the style of your relationship into your wedding styling

Worried about getting the wedding venue set up or not sure how to plan it out? Call our team now about our “On The Day Planner” service. We can meet with you before your big day, look at the venue and help you plan out how to dress your wedding venue with style. We can then set it all up for you, while you get ready for your special day.