The office Christmas party is something that every employee looks forward to. It’s a chance for everyone to let their hair down and celebrate the achievements of the business over the last year. While coronavirus may have stopped many of us working together in the office this year, it doesn’t mean it has to stop the work Christmas party too!

To clarify, we are definitely not recommending you break the government guidelines and rules to have a great work Christmas party. However, there is another way.

Here at Elite Events ECL we offer a range of virtual events that are ideal for a work Christmas party. They are all done online so everyone can get involved from the comfort of their own homes. You’ll have just as much fun as you have at your normal office Christmas party – if not more!

So, what can we offer to stop COVID cancelling your work Christmas party?

How About A Virtual Flavour Taster or Mixology Session

Taster packs or ingredients are sent to each of your employee’s homes and they can’t be opened until the event. As the event starts everyone opens their packages and the fun of the virtual office Christmas party begins. Why not end the event with something spectacular? Like our personalised presentation of flair bartender tricks, all the way from America! It’ll certainly be the ending to a work Christmas party to remember.

Often Attend an Escape Room for Your Work Christmas Party?

There is no need for this year to be any different. We offer a remote escape room challenge via Zoom. It offers all the excitement, fun, team building and communication of a normal escape room session – but it’s COVID-safe! You can pick the teams, or all the team can do one escape room challenge together. You decide! What theme will you choose for your virtual work Christmas party?

Fancy A Bit of Drag, Glitz & Glam?

Sometimes it’s nice to something a little different for your work Christmas party; like a Drag Night for example. We can offer you our very own Drag Queen, one of Cambridgeshire’s favourites. Unlike your normal work Christmas party where other businesses might attend – this Drag Night work Christmas party is just for you and your team. Our Drag Queen can run a bingo night or a quiz night for you – all personalised for you and your business.

These are just some examples of what we can do for you. We also offer an iPad Magician (as seen on Ellen), virtual award ceremonies, remote comedy nights, online cocktail classes and more.

But what if you want to offer that little something extra? You’d give your employees food and drink if they were attending the work Christmas party – so let’s do the same for your virtual office Christmas party. Here at Elite Events ECL we can arrange for a bottle of bubbly, a meal of your choice, a Christmas hat or other treats to be sent to your team so they have them ready for your online Christmas party.

Want to make sure COVID doesn’t cancel your work Christmas party? Call us now to start planning your virtual work Christmas party!