When it comes to planning your event, you will need to think about your colour scheme. This can be tricky for a lot of people. It’s important that you think carefully about your colour scheme as this is key for an unforgettable event. The colour scheme you choose will set the vibe for your event. From the colour scheme of your event, you will capture the brand of a corporate event of the emotion of the occasion.

Below I share some of my top tips for creating a colour scheme for your unforgettable event.

  • Brand Colours

If it’s a corporate event promoting your business, marketing a new service or celebrating your successes, then go with your brand colours. If these are bright and colourful brand colours that’s great. If they are darker colours, consider a way to add a pop of a brighter colour.

  • Venue Colours

Think about the colours at the venue of your event. If you have an older venue, for example, then colours that tie in with the venue can work really well. Meanwhile, modern event venues lend themselves really well to bright and bold colours.

  • Venue Flooring

It’s important that your event décor looks like it is part of the venue, not just placed in a space. You can match the event décor to the carpet, which can work well. Alternatively, you can bring in a new flooring for the venue. This could be an aisle runner for a wedding or a red carpet for a corporate event for example. We can even arrange a light up dance floor for a party!

  • Pantone Colours

If you have a colour in mind for your event, but you’re not sure of the right shades – grab the pantone colour guide. It will show you all the colours and the different shades of each colour. You can then mix and match colours to see which colours and shades work well together.

As an event planner I am often asked my favourite event colour scheme and I really don’t have one. Every event is unique and wonderful in its own way. This means that colour schemes work for different events and venues, in different ways.

Need help planning your event or choosing the colour scheme for your upcoming event? Contact our team of event planners now. We will happily help you as much or as little as you need.