With the madness, unreliability and craziness around weddings, regulations and rules, many happy couples are choosing to put back their special day until the madness and uncertainty is well behind us all. A new date gives them confidence and calm that things will be normal, and they can then  have the perfect day they have dreamed of.

However, the date of your wedding can often be a date you have looked forward to and counted down towards for years. The date has importance to you. It feels like your wedding date is marked on your heart, making it odd to just ‘forget it’.

So why not mark the day with a virtual commitment ceremony. It’s like a promise of your special day to come. Just as you would your wedding day, you invite all your friends, family and loved ones to join you on your virtual commitment ceremony. Then you make promises to each other, just as you would in your wedding vows.

The virtual commitment ceremony takes place wherever you choose. Perhaps it could be in your home, in a room at your wedding venue or a different place that has meaning to you and your partner.

A celebrant can manage the running of your commitment ceremony. We would recommend Rebecca of White Rose Ceremonies if you do not have a celebrant already. She will meet with you virtually before the ceremony. Rebecca will run through what can be included, if you have anyone you would like to do a speech and what to expect from your virtual commitment ceremony.

As a virtual event planner, we can manage the smooth running of the virtual commitment ceremony. We will set up your zoom meeting where the commitment ceremony will take place. We can set up a Facebook page too and create virtual events to send out to your guests.

On the day of the commitment ceremony we will arrive before you online. We would recommend that you arrive and turn off your camera. This means you can see people arriving, but they will be awaiting your grand entrance. We will let your guests into the event. If there is any background noise, we can mute guests, so you have the best possible day.

A virtual commitment ceremony is the perfect way of celebrating your much-awaited date. It gives your guests a taster of what to expect from your big day and it gives you and your partner a special day to celebrate in a very special way.